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Epson SureColor F2000 DTG Printer:
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  • EPSON F2000
  • SCF2000WE
    (White Ink Edition)
    For Printing on Dark AND Light Colored Garments
  • SCF2000SE
    (Color Edition)
    For Printing on Light Colored Garments Only

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Amazing Quality & Performance

The Epson F2000 DTG printer was built to perform with all aspects of DTG printing in mind. From the printer mechanism, to the ink delivery system, this printer is extremely well built, highly reliable and able to handle all levels of production. With state of the art technlogy, Epson has done a wonderful job developing the F2000 Direct-To-Garment printer.

Printer Overview

Introducing the Epson SureColor F2000 Series DTG Printer

The Epson F2000 has the latest advancements and technology in the garment printing industry. With a maximum printing area of 16"(in) x 20"(in), the F2000 provides outstanding performance and professional grade quality on each and every print job.

The 2 options in the Epson F2000 series are the White Ink Edition and the Color Edition. The White Ink Edition is capable of printing on light OR dark colored garments. The Color Edition can only print on light colored garments.

The F2000 is a reliable printer, and is capable of handling high production speeds. It's a well built, reliable, low maintenance DTG printer.
Click here to watch a video of the F2000 printing from start-to-finish.

Built For Production

At long last, the new standard for direct-to-garment printing has arrived. The SureColor F2000 series printers are constructed around a purpose-built Epson MicroPiezo® TFP® print head. Featuring the Epson UltraChrome DG ink system, this powerful and professional printer will revolutionize the digital garment printing industry.

The New Standard

Three years in the making, the Epson team of mechanical, chemical and software engineers have built the ultimate direct-to-garment printer in the SureColor F2000. This new Epson DTG device has been created from the ground up, from print head to ink, for the singular function of precision and professional garment decoration.

The Future is Now

Finally, an affordable and professionally built direct-to-garment printer has arrived in the marketplace. The Epson UltraChrome DG inks, created exclusively for garment decoration, will give you bright and vibrant color. Improved production speeds, professional printer construction, and a machine backed by the Epson name brings you the future of direct-to-garment printing, today.

Features & Benefits

State of the Art Direct-To-Garment Imaging Quality & Performance

  • 5-color Direct-To-Garment Printer
  • Uses Epson's new Ultrachrome® DG inks - Available at lowest price Equipment Zone!
  • PrecisionCore® TFP® Print Head - The innovative print head produces higher print quality and production speeds
  • Maximum resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi for White Ink Edition (SCF2000WE) & 1440 x 720 dpi for Color Edition (SCF2000SE).
  • Garment imaging area up to 16" x 20"
  • Designed for simple maintenance and high reliability
  • Garment Creator imaging software included
  • Warranty Coverage under Epson Preferred Protection Plan

5-Color UltraChrome DG Ink Technology

Precise image printing quality with outstanding reliability. Delivering a smooth, high density ink discharge with phenominal results. An additional ink filter screens the ink a second time before entering the print head to further improve performance, reliability and print quality.

Easy Maintenance & Relability

The F2000 was built to have little user maintenance. The installed fabric wiper cleans the print head surface before & after every print.

PrecisionCore TFP Print Head

A durable build and precision ink control provides high print clarity and sharpness on garments. With 1,440 nozzles per inch dedicated for white inks & up to 720 nozzles per inch for color ink, higher print speeds are achieved.

Imaging Software

The Garment Creator workflow software by Epson is included with the purchase of the F2000. This simple, easy to learn sofware includes all the tools needed to layout your design, configure colors and more. Available for both Mac OSX & Windows operating systems.


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Epson F2000 UltraChrome DG Ink

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Epson Pretreatment

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Image Armor Ultra & Light Pretreatment

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Add the SpeedTreater-TX Automatic Pretreater

For just an additional $3,695, you can have the perfect production package. The SpeedTreater-TX Pretreater & the Epson F2000 Printer.

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With its 16”x24” pretreat area, the SpeedTreater-TX will work to the full 16”x20” print area of the Epson SureColor F2000. Save time and print faster with the Speedtreater-TX Automatic Pretreater! Manufactured in the USA by Equipment Zone.


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