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Why Does Equipment Zone Offer Free Seminars?

Posted by Jay Busselle on December 17th, 2018

Investing in Industry Specific Education

Investing in industry specific education is an investment in you! There are a few great reasons why we plan, present and pay for all day seminars and workshops preceding the larger industry trade shows. The main reason is the seminars allow us a chance to cover important content at a deeper level. Trade shows are important, but discussions in a booth can be very loud and often distracting. This is one of the best ways for us to spend the time to really get to know each other. We think these seminars are a better way for you to gather the facts, think about how those facts will impact you, your team and your customers. And finally, we think our seminars should be the starting line for your plan of action. It’s an opportunity for us to share our experience and help you make a great decision about direct-to-garment printing.

Who Should Attend?

Before you invest in a new DTG printer you should attend this seminar. This session is as much for experienced business owners who have been thinking about adding DTG printing into production as it is for new start-ups and entrepreneurs who are about to start their own business. We often have seasoned production staff that have been operating screen printing, embroidery and/or sign equipment with their managers and owners trying to figure out if this apparel decoration technique “is for real!” … or “will this thing make me any money?” Of course it’s for real and it’s only getting better. The technology, print speeds, ink chemistry, pretreatment solutions, and the final output quality are all continually being improved. Major breakthroughs have made big impacts on the profitability of DTG printing and decorating.

What Will I Learn?

The first thing you will learn that we are not full of sh*t. You’ll get to know us for who we really are as people. Then you will understand that knowing people who have decades of experience in apparel decoration is a great thing. Most of our staff have owned or managed apparel decoration, promotional product advertising or sign companies before. You will learn that we are invested in this industry and we are experts at what we do. As trainers, our first goal is to help you relax so you can make a great decision. We will help decrease the amount of stress and anxiety that you might be feeling.

Of course we’re going to tell you it’s simple and anyone can do it… but when you’re new to DTG printing it can seem like a lot of steps to remember. You will learn how to keep your printers operating at maximum production and efficiency. We will teach you the current maintenance routines of the EPSON F2100 printer and share other printers have to do each day to maintain their investment. Don’t you want to see the average print speeds and yields for the top selling DTG printers? We can share that with you! We can show you the secrets (they’re not really secrets) to perfect pretreating for both 100% cotton and poly blends. YES, that means you CAN print on polyester and poly blends!

The Equipment Zone experts will even spend some time walking you from start to finish with a graphic. Learn how to better navigate the artwork maze and prepare graphics for perfect prints. You will also learn some important marketing strategies. You can have the world’s greatest printer, but if nobody knows about it, nobody is going to buy anything from you. The Equipment Zone marketing experts will share some basic plans for how to use the printer and showcase its abilities. You will see ways to reach the top markets and top buyers of DTG printing. These proven DTG printing and marketing strategies will help increase your sales and realize a return on your investment.

Isn’t This Just A Sales Pitch?

No. Ok, maybe a little. Of course, we want you to choose Equipment Zone. Of course, we want you to buy an Epson SureColor F2100 direct to garment printer and our automatic SpeedTreater-TX (both happen to be the best selling duo in the market) from us. However, we know that you don’t buy hype. You won’t buy a sales pitch. You aren’t interested in a short term “deal” that ends up costing you thousands of dollars and months of your life because of poor planning, misinformation, incorrect expectations or lack of support. SO… we show you the proof and provide some of the value first at this FREE all day seminar. This is about trust. You get to ask as many questions as you can think of. You get to see up close and first hand how the process works and what the prints look like in a live setting.

You’re officially invited!

Click on the link below to see where our next FREE, all day seminar is located. The DTG printing and marketing experts of Equipment Zone look forward to meeting you soon.