FaEZ PRO K BULK INK SYSTEM for Kiosk and Kiosk II Digital Direct To Garment Printers



EZ PRO K Bulk Ink System
DTG Kiosk and Kiosk II
Digital Direct To Garment Printerso

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Introducing our new EZ PRO K Bulk Ink Delivery System - specially made by Equipment Zone for the DTG Kiosk and Kiosk II Printer.

The EZ PRO K Bulk Ink System has been engineered to deliver more ink to your printed product. More white ink, more colored ink. It helps avoid clogging, banding, and starvation issues.

Users of the EZ PRO report significant production speed increases. Prints that needed 2 or 3 passes before can now achieve the same opacity and brightness with one pass!

The system features big 8 ounce capacity ink bottles with easy fill caps. There are 8 individual bottles for the eight cartridges. This allows you a constant check of proper ink flow to each cartridge. An industrial grade hose carrier effortlessly moves the ink hoses as the Kiosk prints. A unique capping system allows you to seal the ink system after use.

A major unique feature of the EZ PRO is the height adjustable ink bottle shelf. Large easy to turn knobs allow you dial in the best height for maximum ink flow. There are no hoses going down the center of the printer or any clips mounted in the center. Ink cartidges are easily accessable over the print head with no hose clamps or covers to get in the way. The entire unit is constructed with heavy gauge stainless steel material. The system is easy to install (no tools required) and can be removed from the printer in under a minute for easy transportation.

Note: Ink sold separately.



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  • Significantly greater ink lay down.
  • No complex valve systems
  • Uses ink cartridges instead of dampers
  • Major production increases. Jobs that required multi-passes can now be done in one pass.
  • Helps to avoid clogging, banding, and ink starvation issues.
  • Ink bottles hold up to 8 ounces of ink. Easy refill removable caps.
  • Adjustable height ink shelf.
  • Individual bottles hosed to each ink cartridge allow easy checking of proper ink flow.
  • Industrial grade hose carrier smoothly moves ink hoses.
  • No hoses or clips running inside the printer.
  • Entire system is removeable in one minute for easy printer transportation.
  • One year parts warranty.





 EZ PRO K Video

"I absolutely love the system. Before, I could not print at anything lower than 720x720 because of all the banding. I was amazed at how well the ink is now flowing. Before, to get a good nozzle - never mind, I never had a good nozzle check before the EZ PRO system. Now when I get ready to print, I just turn on the computer and get a perfect nozzle check each time. Not to mention the ease of printing white ink. No more 10 to 15 headcleanings to get it flowing, I just hit print. I printed around 35 shirts with white ink, 25 hats cmyk, and 20 or so shirts cmyk with no banding, no head cleanings to prime the white, no slow print speeds from ink starvation. I am in love with my printer for the first time ever."

 J. D. / Dutchess Designs


 "The EZ PRO Bulk Ink System comes ready to install with dvd/written instructions and tech support that actually returns calls! My husband did most of the installation (he's talented that way). I can't say enough about my NEW MACHINE!!!! I am in love with my DTG again. I don't throw ink down the drain in my waste ink bottle. I do a nozzle check and instead of holding my breath and crossing my fingers I get a perfect nozzle check. Sometimes I do a couple of nozzle check cause I don't believe what I am seeing! I delivered some really beautiful tees this am to a very happy customer. They were very impressed with how bright their logo was on a RED tee. I am actually happy to print again. I am enjoying my DTG again."

 K. B. / Sky Web Stitchery

 EZ PRO Bulk K Ink System:  $499.95 - 1 Year Warranty  For DTG Kiosk and Kiosk II Digital Garment Printers
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