From idea to print.
In minutes.

Introducing the Veloci-Jet XL direct-to-garment printer.
Print on t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, tote bags & more.


Veloci-Jet XL Printer

Assembled in the USA by Equipment Zone

6 Inch Height Adjustment

Print thick and thin garments with a height-adjustable print head. Set height electronically and automatically.

Teflon Flo Printhead

Veloci-Jet XL uses an all-new printhead that offers better white ink coverage and a teflon coating for improved ink flow.

Assembled in USA

Veloci-Jet XL is assembled in the United States.

Special Package with SpeedTreater-TX Automatic Pretreater
Add The SpeedTreater-TX Automatic Pretreater

Goes right next to your Veloci-Jet XL Printer for Faster,
More Consistent Production - Just an additional $3,895.

Only available from Equipment Zone.

With its 17”x24” pretreat area, the SpeedTreater-TX will work to the full 13”x24” print area of the Veloci-Jet XL. Made in the USA by Equipment Zone.


The Veloci-Jet XL is making me money without any downtime. I don't know about you, but that is a pretty good thing.

I have had the Veloci-Jet XL printer now for about 3 months and we average 137 shirts a day printed on it 5-6 days a week. That is 8,346 shirts in 3 months and still going.

Mark F., Creative Concepts

Ours does great, we are printing on tagless Hanes T's (100% cotton). The software is not hard to learn (you will love it). The printer is fast. It does a good job with its use of ink (not much waste). As far as maintenance, the way it is built it is easy to maintain, and the staff that is behind the scenes are great (GREAT SUPPORT).

Some companies make a sale, then you are on your own, not Equipment Zone - they will stand in there with you.

Dwayne H., Safari Signs

I'm so glad we chose the Veloci-Jet XL as our entry into the DTG business. The build quality of the machine top notch, it produces exceptional quality prints, and service after the sale is outstanding.

I'm also pleased with the low ink cost. Some full chest sized prints are only using $0.25 to $0.30 worth of ink. We also bought the SpeedTreater to pretreat our garments. If you end up with the Veloci-Jet XL, I'm sure you will be as pleased as we are.

Ed S., Salinas Embroidery