Pretreating has never been this easy

Every dark shirt you print needs to be pretreated before you print on it. Pretreatment adheres the white ink to the top of the shirt, so you can print a bright layer of colors on top of it.

You can pretreat with a handheld sprayer, but the best option is to use an automatic pretreatment machine, like Equipment Zone's exclusive SpeedTreater-TX Automatic Pretreatment System.

The SpeedTreater-TX reduces pretreatment to a simple process of loading a shirt on a pallet, pressing a button, and unloading the shirt.

The SpeedTreater-TX increases production, and eliminates the need to train an operator to correctly apply the proper amount of spray. With its unique self contained design you can place the SpeedTreater-TX right next to the Veloci-Jet XL.

The Veloci-Jet XL Printer and SpeedTreater-TX Automatic Pretreatment System are available together at special package pricing.

Lowest ink costs

Print great looking shirts for less money

What's better than printing shirts that your customers will love? Knowing that those shirts cost you up to 60% less to print on the Veloci-Jet XL than on any other printer.

It's simple. Just fill the EZ Pro Bulk System with Equipment Zone's low cost ink and start printing. When you need more ink, just give us a call or order online -- we usually ship same day. The more ink you buy at a time, the cheaper your ink costs are.

What's so great about the EZ Pro Bulk System on the Veloci-Jet XL and Equipment Zone's ink? It keeps more money in your pocket, day after day.

Ink Cost Comparison

Veloci-Jet XL 18¢ per ml

Cartridge Based 36¢ per ml

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Heavy Duty Construction

Solid Steel and aluminum means perfect prints every time

Sure, we could have made our printer out of plastic. But plastic doesn't have the strength and rigidity that quality direct-to-garment printers need.

Instead, we use high-quality steel and aluminum to build a printer that's just as strong as it looks.

Is the Veloci-Jet XL stronger than it needs to be? Probably.

We built it that way on purpose, to make sure you always get perfectly registered prints.

• Hard Anodized Print Bed

• Heavy Duty CNC-Milled Base

• Precision Linear Guide Rails

• Polished Stainless Steel Cover

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Fastest Printing & Extra-long Prints

Extra long print area.

Do you like all-over prints? How about your customers? The Veloci-Jet XL can print anything you can see on the computer screen, up to 13" x 24". That's the full front of a medium-sized t-shirt. Competitive advantage? Yours.

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EZ RIP – Software that Makes Printing EZ

Know your cost per print.

• Find out how much a garment will cost to print, even before you print it

• Exact ink use calculation

• Garment cost, taxes and labor costs can all be accounted for

• Export data to use in Excel

Print straight from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Corel Draw

Just click print. That's how easy it is to print from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw.

EZ RIP will position your artwork and send it to print. It will even create a white ink underbase for you if you're printing on a dark shirt.

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Assembled in the USA

High quality.

Veloci-Jet XL is assembled in the United States by Equipment Zone


Equipment Zone offers astounding support

When you purchase a Veloci-Jet XL, you're going to have questions. That's ok. With a 12 month warranty and phone, email, and online support, you'll have plenty of time to get them all answered.

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