What is Training?

“The other company is offering you training? We do that too!”

When a sales rep tells you this, be certain to know exactly what “training” really means. Training comes in a variety of packages, content and expertise.

Most companies will offer you free training in their own facility. If that’s your only option, buy a plane ticket or hop in your car and take advantage of it! Training when it comes to direct-to-garment printing is worth every second you spend in front of the machine with a trained technician.

Some companies will provide training via phone or Skype. Not nearly as good as hands-on with a machine but will certainly be better than you just reading the manual and experimenting yourself.

Other companies will go another step and come to your location. Some of this training is paid, usually about $1,500, and some of it is free to you. Obviously, free to you is the best option for your bottom line.

Whether in your own shop or at the seller’s location, what exactly should you expect? In other words, is the trainer experienced with both the machine and also experience with producing first quality garments as well? It’s a question worth asking. Some of the technicians responsible for training you are doing nothing more than reciting from the manual. A true “trainer” will also teach you how to properly pretreat garments, prepare your art for printing, and teach you the little nuances to help you print ideal images on fabric.

When you buy your direct-to-garment printer it’s important to ask…

  • Do you offer training?
  • Where will the training occur?
  • Is there any cost to me for this training?
  • Who will be providing this training and what is their experience?

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