TucLoc Platens for Epson F2000

Equipment Zone now carries new platens from Livingston Systems. These new TucLoc platens have a unique garment holding system for the Epson F2000. They no longer require adhesives, rings or hoops to secure garments. The garment is simply tucked in between two rubber pads along the edges of the platen. Good news is, both thin and thick garments can be held securely so there’s no need to worry if the thick hoodies you print onwill be compatible. The TucLoc system works great and it holds garments securely, removing wrinkles and creates a smooth garment printing surface giving printing heads an unobstructed path. The garment is actually taughter than using a hoop system and this allows for more control of the print head as it passes over each time. Also, the TucLoc system removes bunching from garments when larger amounts of ink are applied.

There are a variety of TucLoc platen sizes to choose from. All of the platens including the 16” x 20” TucLoc platen have the same mounting system as the original/OEM Epson F2000 platen. Therefore, they can be easily installed onto any Epson SC-F2000 DTG printer.

There is the small 10″x12″ platen, medium 14″x16″ platen, and the large 16″x20″ platen. The TucLoc platens have small holes which are there for riser attachments (sold separately). The risers create a well for zippered garments, or for pocket dtg printing. The pocket riser measures 4″x4.5″ inches and and the 2 available zipper hoodie risers are 6.5″x8″ inches and 6.5″x11″ inches.

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