Solvent Wide Format Applications



When a piece can be viewed up close and personal, you need the highest resolution and the highest quality inks you can find - without breaking the bank. We’ve got you covered.


Solvent inks are brighter, more vivid, and produce fuller colors. They feature a wider color gamut. The result? You get noticed where it matters most.


Car Wraps

Wraps must be seamless, flawless, and gorgeous. That’s why our customers trust our printers for all of their vehicle wrap projects. See for yourself:

Point of Sale

Make your customers aware of the right deals at the right time with beautiful, full colors. You simply cant get colors these rich with latex-based inks.



Backlit Signs & Posters

Solvent inks come to life & pop even more with a backlit display. Print effortlessly on backlit media, then share your vivid designs with the world.


Whether for business or personal, wallcoverings add an element of professionalism and artistry. Print beautifully and perfectly on practically any wall-based media.



Traffic Signs

On the road, nothing protects safety and prevents risk more than traffic signs. They have to be reflective, bright and weatherproof. Our printers and inks deliver on all fronts.