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Posted by Jay Busselle on October 14th, 2019

What is “In-Booth” Training?

Pretty much just what it says it is. We have planned short, powerful training sessions to be shared in our trade show booth. We’re even bringing the chairs. The team at Equipment Zone has come to the conclusion that we can make deeper connections with more people if we offer training in our trade show booth. We will dedicate a portion of our space at major shows like Printing United in Dallas and the Impressions show in Long Beach (it’s got a new name kids… it’s not the ISS show anymore) for training attendees. The training is free. It’s happening in our booth on the show floor. Not the day before – not the morning before and not after the show – during the show!

Part of our reasoning and justification was the decline in attendance at our all day pre-show training seminars. We had the excellent opportunity to partner with great event companies (like NBM & ISS) for more than 3 years. We are grateful for the help of their staff and the many people we met in our all day training seminars. We know it led to many more informed buyers of DTG printers. The truth is it also led to some sales for us. The reality is we have had basically the same training in many of the same locations for 4 years. Sure, we would have 90, 110 and even 140 people sign up. But guess how many would show up? It was less than 20 in some locations.

Why are we dedicating so much space to training?

We feel it’s worth it. Giving attendees industry specific knowledge also leads to action. If we have five 15 minutes sessions per day and meet up with 10 people each… that’s 50 people a day! In some cases that’s MORE people than we were meeting in our all day seminars. Plus we have 3 days! Is there a better way to connect with people than to dial down the sales hype and share really important information about how to buy a printer, which niche markets are hot or how to grow your business? Will we be training people on the Epson F2100 DTG printer? Yes, of course we will. Direct to Garment printing and dye-sublimation printing are critical to our success and we hope yours too.

Why are subject matter experts from other companies participating?

This might be the most exciting news of all! As we spoke to our partners about the idea some immediately asked if they could participate too. They know that we have a strong reputation as the company with the most DTG printing experience, most technical support experience and the biggest training team. We thought it was awesome opportunity. Rather than Equipment Zone sales team tell you why we think a specific t-shirt prints better on an Epson F2100 DTG printer – why not have the manufacturer of the apparel tell you? So that’s what we are doing. We will have representatives from Cotton Heritage, Just Hoods, SanMar, Vastex, Great Dane Graphics, Captain Platen and of courseEpson.

Each of them are leaders in the apparel decoration industry and can speak better about t-shirts, hoodies, Photoshop, graphics, Inkjet technology, new materials, new innovations and new developments than we can. We feel lucky and proud to have them support this idea and join us on stage. Yes, we have a little stage… I think it’s really called a riser… but you’ll see!

Who should attend?

Business owners, Production managers, Marketing managers and entrepreneurs from the apparel, promotional, award, embroidery, sign and print industries. You should attend if you’re genuinely interested in getting straight answers, seeing better samples and learning how to grow your business.

What are some of the training topics?

  • The Top 5 DTG Myths (it's time for the truth)
  • Photoshop tips for digital printing (dye-sublimation & DTG printing)
  • Which t-shirts are best for DTG printing & why
  • Top Tech Tips for the Epson F2100 DTG printer
  • The Art of Marketing: Good, Better & BEST
  • Hot Niche Markets

Where is the full schedule for Printing United?

We will have a total of 19 training sessions while at Printing United in Dallas. Each is a 15 minute training session. They start at the top of the hour, every hour starting at 10:00 am every day during the show. To see the full line up of topics and trainers, click here We are seriously excited to see you in one of our future “In-Booth” training sessions! The training sessions will be in booth 5806. We believe we are the ONLY Epson dealer with the resources, experience, training staff, technicians and connections to pull this off!