DC16 Multipurpose Press

The best Heat Presses available at the best prices

The Digital Combo is a multipurpose swing-away heat press. This fully digital swing-away press boasts all of the digital features of the DK20S digital swinger. The popular success of the Digital Combo lies in its instantly interchangeable system of heat platens and tables.

The Digital Combo utilizes quick change attachments for heat transferring images onto a surprisingly wide variety of materials. Available for this one press is every attachment necessary to professionally imprint:

  • T-Shirts
  • Caps
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Mugs
  • Mouse Pads
  • Paper Memo Cubes
  • Tote Bags
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Lettering
  • Wood / Metals
  • Mouse Pads
  • Other Misc. Fabrics and Materials

The heaters on all platens of the Digital Knight line use an exclusive coil winding technology for dramatically superior evenness and speed of heating. Compared to traditional heating methods, the Geo Knight & Co SuperCoil-Microwinding heater technology outperforms everything else. Of course, all heat platens are lifetime warrantied.

If your product offering is going to reach beyond just flat and fabric items, the Digital Combo is the superior machinery solution.

  • Fully digital temperature control
  • Automatic digital timer
  • 70 programmable presets
  • Solid steel welded framework
  • Temperature readout accuracy +-2° F
  • User selectable end-of-cycle alarms
  • Records number of pressing cycles done
  • Teflon coated heat platen
  • Lifetime warranty on heat platen
  • 3 year warranty on control
  • 1 year warranty on entire press

T-Shirts & Flat Items

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List Price - $1,650

T-shirts, tote bags, wooden plaques, coated metals, mouse pads, wrist pads, miscellanious and notably anything that is too bulky for the conventional flat press is effortlessly printed on the Digital Combo Press.

  • DC16 Digital Combo 14 inch x 16 inch
  • Weight: 135 Lbs
  • Dimensions: 18" W x 24" D x 20" H
  • Electrical: 1500 watts / 120 volt 13 amps. Also available in 220 volt 7 amps (add $35)

Optional interchangeable bottom tables:

10" x 12": Call or Email for Best Price

List Price: $120

12" x 14": Call or Email for Best Price

List Price: $135

14" x 16": Call or Email for Best Price

List Price: $165

Tiles and Plaques on the DC16

Due to its swing-away design and wide adjustment range, the Digital Combo excels at handling extremely thick items such as plagues, tile, woods, plastics, and other imprintable items that cannot be pressed on conventional t-shirt presses.

Standard capability on the DC16 Press. No additional attachments needed.


Mug Attachment for DC16

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List Price - $575

The 1/2-mug attachment for the Digital Combo allows the imprinting of mugs one side at a time. With dye sublimation transfers, full wrap images can be perfectly applied in multiple pressings.

DC-Mug 1/2 Mug Attachment

Ceramic Plate Attachment for DC16

DC-Plate Plate Attachment (4.5" or 5.5")

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List Price - $375

The plate die platens feature quickly interchangeable components for allowing the circular heating element to press inside ceramic plates. Also included is a template tray and pad for centering the plate.


Cap Attachment for DC16

DC-Cap Cap Attachment(4.5" or 5.5")

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List Price - $300

Caps are perfectly printed with a curved heater block and curved bottom form with a special cap stretching device. Optional interchangeable bottom forms available.