DTG, DTF, and Dye Sublimation Webinar Series

Watch our webinar videos for DTG, DTF, and Dye Sublimation Printing Tips & Tricks

Webinar Testimonials

"I really appreciate the webinars you guys have been doing. I'm a teacher who is helping students with their graphics and printing projects. After watching your videos our stuff is looking WAY better! The before and afters are pretty shocking!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jeremy Stanford, Marshfield Public School District

"Thanks for what you guys do! The biggest value for me from this last DTG webinar, FACT or FICTION, was the discussion about which brands of shirts print the best. When Terry pointed out that too many printers are using too many BANDAGES to get good results… I knew he was talking to me. Like most screen printers, we think if it lies still long enough, we can print it! I've been using too many bandages trying to get consistent results. So going forward, I'm going to train myself and my customers that higher quality shirts create consistently higher quality prints when using a DTG process."

Mike from Personaliteez in Carlisle, PA.

"I think the webinars were awesome. I have watched the last 3 webinars. Even though I have been in my new shirt business for about a year and a half, I still found many new tips and tricks that I could take away from them. I learned how to better set up my printer through Garment Creator. It looks like I will be able to save 10-20% on my ink. I have also learned how to better pre treat which again will help me to control my material cost. Great webinars. Thank you Gentlemen. Looking forward to future webinars."

Bob from Bob Shirts in Mokena, IL.

"Almost two years ago, we purchased a demo Epson F2000 from another company. We never got the promised training and got very little support. Finding Equipment Zone, we ordered supplies since they were in stock and a little cheaper. During this pandemic, we started watching the webinars. WOW!!! What we have learned in just a few webinars is amazing. Even though we did not get our machine through Equipment Zone, they have provided technical support on several things that we just could not get an answer to. We found that a lot of our problems were due to pretreating incorrectly. We are getting ready to order their pretreat machine. Again, the webinars are fantastic! I am sure we will be working with Equipment Zone for all of our DTG needs! Thank you!"


"I want to tell you why I'm buying from you. Number one, the webinar with Ink Soft blew me away. You guys nailed it. And number two, all the pictures of satisfied customers on your site. It brought the purchase to a personal level. I want to do business with a company like this, and I want to have my picture on that page!"